Rogue Closet & Jasmine

The beautiful model for my latest Rogue Closet photo shoot is a good friend, filmmaker Jasmine McGlade. After talking with her about the challenges she faces with her own wardrobe, I thought it would be cool to visually depict what an actual closet evaluation would be with Jasmine in the role of client. Her answers felt very relatable, and I’m guessing many women out there feel the same way about the current state of their closets, along with the need to break some shopping patterns that ultimately clutter outfit choices.

One of her top concerns was not being able to eliminate the pieces she never wears. We’re all familiar with the thought: “But it’s the perfect dress for a disco party on New Years’ Eve or a theme party that might happen someday!” Alas, that “perfect” dress usually never makes it out of the closet and ends up being forgotten until the next closet dig. Get rid of the dress! I know it can be hard to let go, but the freedom that comes with open closet space is awesome. And, eventually finding something timeless as a replacement is worth the sacrifice.

Jasmine also described her personal style as being “accessory-focused,” which gave us the option of using what I like to call blank canvas clothing. Blank canvas clothing consists of mostly monochromatic colors; bright or neutral depending on the accessories. In this way, clothing creates the perfect backdrop for showcasing jewelry, purses or shoes. As the images here represent, Jasmine already has a great personal selection of jewelry to draw upon. The only additions made were the necklaces I pulled from Fancy Tiger Clothing, and a vintage piece of my own.  

The black tank dress was already a part of Jasmine's closet, so the bright, fabric collar necklace became the centerpiece of one look; though, we also experimented with a more versatile option: a silver-polished geometric piece that lays beautifully on the neckline.

We especially loved the chambray overalls from Fancy Tiger, which were effortlessly sexy when paired with a heel. Easy to roll at the bottom, these would also be perfect with a flat sandal or Chuck Taylors. One amazing piece worn many ways....always a worthy investment!

Go Rogue.

photos: Jake Holschuh; chambray overalls and most necklaces: Fancy Tiger Clothing; hair & make-up: Ashley Smith.